Kessler Park

This area, incorporating several developments, is one of the most beautiful in Dallas.  Designed by George Kessler, a prominent city planner and landscape architect in the 1920s, the Kessler Park neighborhoods has long been a prestigious location.  One of the first developments in the city designed for the automobile, the streets follow the natural topography of the land.  Instead of flat grids, the streets wind through the steep, ivy- and tree-covered hillsides, offering dramatic views of downtown Dallas.

In this green enclave, one can find homes ranging from English Tudor and Spanish Eclectic to Ranch Style and Rustic Contemporary.  All sizes of homes appear, from Tudor bungalow to sprawling modern.

The mansions of the 1920s, some built into steep hillsides, bring this area its fame.  There are many beautiful estates originally built by prominent Dallas families, including the Skillern Drugstore and Dixie Cup founders.

Kessler Neighborhoods United was founded to maintain this high quality of life and the beauty of the area.  May sees an annual neighborhood picnic, and Christmas bring holiday lights on the trees in the medians.  Many streets boast lavish Christmas displays, too.  With its proximity to Stevens Park Golf Course, Methodist Hospital, and the Central Business District, the Kessler area continues to be as sought after now as it was 70 years ago.

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