Dallas is known as the "city that never should have been,"  due to founder John Neely Bryan's belief that the location would be a good one for commerce  coming up the Trinity River from the Gulf of Mexico, 300 miles away.  In spite of his mistaken outlook, he lived to see the birth of what is now the Dallas business core.  Today, with its central location and business mind-set, Dallas continues to be a place where things happen.

Economically, Dallas did well during the 1960s and 70s, but experienced a cultural surge in the early 1980s.  The Dallas Art Museum emerged in 1984, followed by the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony five years later.

Today, Dallas boasts a number of major industries in banking, communications, and insurance -- all clean industries.  Dallas has developed a reputation as a leader in business, with corporate headquarters such as Texas Instruments.

Locals say that there are two seasons, summer and January.  But even in January, it can be quite warm.  In the course of a year, the Dallas area sees an average of 100 days above 90 degree heat.  Ironically, Dallas also receives more rain than Seattle and is windier than Chicago.  But because it hardly ever freezes here, many people claim the climate as  a major reason they enjoy Dallas.

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